Get out of the gym!

Six reasons to get out of the gym

OK, it’s May already, time to reassess the New Year’s resolutions you may have made.

Hands up who had “lose weight”, “get fitter”, “tone”, “exercise more” on their list

How are you going with your goal?

On target?  Congratulations – keep going, your body, mind, mood and waist will thank you.

Struggling or fallen off the band wagon? 

Don’t worry – you’re not alone: as published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology” to lose weight” is the main New Year’s resolution made.

The same publication said only 8 per cent of resolution makers are successful.

Did you sign up to a gym to achieve your aim?  Maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit – ditch the gym and get outdoors for your lifestyle change, health, and fitness.

Here’s why:

1 – $$

Exercising outdoors is FREE! 

Push-ups on the beach – free
A jog is free
A bodyweight session with a mate – free
Running the stairs in the Botanical Gardens, at Mosman or Bilgola – all free

2 – Fresh air

Head to the park and breath in the fresh air around you rather than the recycled air conditioned sweat laden gym soup

3- The music

Whatever your taste in music, you’re the boss – crank it up and use the tunes to boost your workout.

Personally, I like running without music – it’s my thinking time, I come up with some great business ideas while pounding the pavement.

That said, there’s a lot to be said for a powerful favourite song to give you a boost.

4 – Vitamin D

The Slip slop slap campaign was so successful that many Australians are vitamin D deficient.  Low vitamin D, can affect the health of your bones and muscles.

So grab your trainers and a hat and head outdoors.   You still need to be careful, but even working out under the shade of a tree will get you some vit D.

5 –  Friendly attitude

Many gyms are friendly, but on the whole, people who exercise always share a smile, wave and recognise early morning effort.

It’s more relaxed and there’s plenty of space.

6 – The environment

Most of us spend our days indoors, so why not head outside when you can?  I lived in the UK for a while so I really appreciate the year round gorgeous weather in Australia.  Sure the winter mornings get chilly, but once you’re moving, you warm up pretty quickly and getting the blood pumping keeps you warmer for longer afterwards.

I have seen some of the most incredible sunrises in the mornings while other lie in bed.

So, whether you’re near a beach, going on bush walks or just using your local park, head outdoors and enjoy the benefits.

I’m not saying ditch the gym, but why not try something different to shake things up a bit.  We are creatures of habit and it take a conscious effort to make a change.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, why not give the great outdoors a try?

Disclaimer – I work for a couple of gyms and am a member at a fantastic local gym and I run outdoor fitness, Pilates and boxing classes.

We always have a laugh at group exercise and everyone is supportive, accepting and encouraging.  I love my job!

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