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Are you ready to prioritise your health, increase your energy to handle your busy life and create new habits for long lasting health & fitness?

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Group Classes

Fitness isn't just about moving your body, it's about community and connection too and with our classes you get it all.

Pilates Classes

Rediscover your tummy muscles!

By working on your deep support muscles around your mid section, you build a foundation of strength and support for your whole body

Barre Classes

Find out why ballerinas look the way they do.  Come try the latest fitness trend!

Feel taller, stronger and elegant whilst gaining mobility and flexibility

Rock THAT Frock

Rediscover your WOW with my 42 day transformation program

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What’s in it for YOU?

  • more energy
  • supportive, encouraging ladies
  • feel better about yourself
  • stress release
  • weight loss
  • do something for YOU

What we need from YOU

How much do YOU want to change?

A toned, strong, fit body is within your reach.

All you need is the desire and commitment to change and to reach your goals

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