Exercise is about mental as well as physical health and with Anja, you get both at each session you attend.

The right touch of personal guidance, attention & motivation will help you get results as well as being part of a fabulous fitness community.

"I'm so glad I came to class today - I feel so much better"

Join us and get some of the same feel-great-mood-boosting feeling!

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Check out our timetable here for face to face, outdoor, studio and zoom classes.

So much to choose from!

Group Fitness

When you exercise with friends you reach your goals quicker

All fitness levels welcome

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Pilates Classes - zoom available if needed

- re-discover your tummy muscles
- reduce pain
- prevent injury
- stretch, strengthen and tone

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Term II starts Wed 27 April 2022

Barre Classes

One of my fav classes!

- high energy
- intense
- low impact
- FUN workout

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10 Week Challenge

Get back on track and reset your habits with weekly mini challenges

Read more and register here.  

Next challenge starts 25 April 2022

Rock THAT Frock

Rediscover your WOW with our 42 day transformation program - back in 2022.  register your interest here 

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There's no "best time" to start, so call me today and dive on in!

We have classes in the early morning, mid morning, evening and Saturday.

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Meet your trainer,  Anja!

I believe YOU can do ANYTHING you want to do, you just need to believe in yourself.

  • Are you struggling to manage your weight?
  • Do you feel too tired (or busy) to exercise?
  • Are injuries holding you back?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your busy life?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, I can help you!

I’m here to work with you and support you.

Be it Group Fitness class, Pilates or Barre, I’m here to work with you to achieve your goals.

I believe passionately in the benefits of exercise, not only on your body, but on your mind.

You don't have to "smash" yourself to feel the benefits - just find something you enjoy and the feel-good factor kicks in instantaneously.

What my clients say:

I discovered ‘Go for Fit’, a fantastic solution as it combines group training in the early mornings, which fits in brilliantly with the family schedule and nutritional advice and weight loss support. Anja as a mum herself is inspirational, she provides a friendly ear, but professional and structured physical training. The classes are warm friendly and pitched to your individual needs, great support, great motivation and clearly producing great results. 


Nici discovers the Barre

Jess says "it's cheaper than therapy" 😉

I'm so proud of all I've achieved and feel so good about myself.  Your program is so much more than weight loss.  It's so good for your mind, body and soul.  Thank you again Anja for all your amazing unconditional support.

- a happy Rock THAT Frock participant

One of my fabulous ladies wrote this for me:

Anja-d, to be Anja-d Pronunciation: /ˈan.yad/

Adjective - To exercise strenuously while drawing bunnies, following rules written on coloured balls and generally having a laugh - To discover that your favourite pair of jeans (lost for ages in the back of your wardrobe) are now loose on you, even immediately after washing

Examples of use: I am completely Anja-d after this morning’s session

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