Barre class - transform your body


Love a fun, challenging workout?  Barre is all that and MORE

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Benefits include:

  • booty lift
  • toned, lean muscles (think ballerina legs)
  • reduced back and knee ache
  • flexibility and mobility
  • finding an exercise class you LOVE

You get:

  • a high intensity, heart pumping workout
  • low impact (ie kind on knees and back)
  • dance moves (without too much coordination needed!)
  • GREAT results

What my clients say:

I LOVE this Barre class. It’s great to exercise to music and it is high intensity but low impact, so I always walk away with muscles that know they’ve worked hard, but no aches or pains. It feels like it is sculpting all of the parts I want to work on too, legs, bum, tum and arms. 

- Shelly

This is the first exercise I've done in years and stuck to.  I LOVE it 

  • Nici

I love feeling strong!

  • Roxy

You will:

  • have more energy to help get you through your day
  • feel taller, longer and leaner
  • re-shape your body to feel more confident

Barre classes tone all those key places we love to hate:

  • legs
  • butts
  • thighs
  • core
Barre ladies-1

This low impact, high intensity workout combines Pilates, dance moves and cardio intervals and is suited for all fitness levels and abilities.  With a focus on posture and form, this workout is great for pelvic floor conditioning too.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a dancer to take part.  Believe me, I have two left feet and I LOVE Barre!

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All classes 45 min

Book early to secure your place.  Limited to 15 per class.


Classes are be held at St John's Church hall in Gordon

  • Plenty of parking on site
  • 5 min walk to train and bus services

$7 for 7 days unlimited classes

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