It is a pleasure to attend training sessions with Anja. They are extremely well planned to meet my exercise goals and the variety within the sessions means I am never bored. Anja’s health and wellbeing knowledge increases my motivation to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. I love the time spent with her and always come away highly motivated and excited about the changes these sessions are making in my life. 


I found Anja when I was looking for a trainer to work 1:1 with me to train for a specific tournament and help me to gain some muscle memory for a technique I hadn't used before.  Anja  took the time to do the research and help me learn and implement the new technique while at the same time working on my general fitness and stamina.  Anja was flexible with her time and was able to work around my work and family commitments and we found a green space close to home to train.  I'm prepared for my tournament and would happily recommend Anja to anyone looking for some extra 1:1 training.