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Get your health, energy and life back on track with 10 weeks to a new you!
Reset your habits
Find new fitness
Feel on track


If the juggle is all too real...your exercise is at the bottom of the list, and your food habits are well...not great...then let's get it back on track! Do something good for you!

Are you ready to prioritise your health, increase your energy to handle your busy life and create new habits for long lasting health & fitness? We're looking for ladies just like you, who are ready to feel great again.

Group Fitness with the Personal Training Touch | Fun & Varied Classes | Nutritional planning |Motivational Community

Places limited - beginners welcome

A 10 week program that WILL create a stronger, fitter version of you in this post isolation era.

Did you know it takes on average 10 weeks to create a new habit? Where it melds easily into your life and becomes second nature? That's what's missing for so many of us juggling demanding priorities. When work, kids and family commitments come first and your health and fitness never becomes that auto-pilot habit. Let's get you on the track to creating that and change how you look and feel for the better.

The BACK ON TRACK Challenge will help you:

  • Reset New Habits that are so hard to establish when you're juggling priorities 
  • Fast Track Health results even if getting into a routine takes some time
  • Boost your energy levels to juggle life's demands
  • Gain the support of a like minded community to keep you on track
  • Regain lost confidence and feel great again
  • Sleep better, wake happier
  • Get nutrition support and tips that come from someone juggling it all just like you
  • Be a positive role model showing that you prioritise health and movement

What's included:

Unlimited Classes

Unlock unlimited classes with a timetable made for busy women. Including outdoor Bootcamp, Pilates and Barre that get you fit, toned and energised, whilst being suitable for beginners or those with injuries. Delivered by your personal trainer Anja who has over 15 years experience in the industry.

Nutrition & Training Programs

In addition to personalised support each week, you'll also have access to the online health and training techniques programs.

A proven recipe book that's tried and tested by real women, short on time and needing good healthy food options

Tracking & Accountability

With in class chats and weekly challenges delivered via a closed facebook group, we provide support and resources, to ensure you have the motivation to keep going.

With measurements and progress tracking before, during and after, we keep you on track to your goals and celebrate your newly found habits



The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who just dream about them?


The start can be the hardest...
Sometimes you just need to put your head down and GO for it

If YOU are ready to dedicate yourself to action, consistently with unlimited training sessions a week, and ditch the excuses we want you to join the challenge! We'll get you back on track to reaching your goals and being the person you want to be!! Do something great for yourself...

The sooner you start, the sooner you reach your goals
Join the BACK ON TRACK Challenge TODAY:



It is always hard to get up so early in the mornings but once you've done it you feel so good! Tough but very rewarding!

Dora Hugo

I discovered ‘Go for Fit’, a fantastic solution as it combines group training in the early mornings, which fits in brilliantly with the family schedule and nutritional advice and weight loss support. Anja as a mum herself is inspirational, she provides a friendly ear, but professional and structured physical training. The classes are warm friendly and pitched to your individual needs, great support, great motivation and clearly producing great results. 


It is a pleasure to attend training sessions with Anja. They are extremely well planned to meet my exercise goals and the variety within the sessions means I am never bored. Anja’s health and wellbeing knowledge increases my motivation to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. I love the time spent with her and always come away highly motivated and excited about the changes these sessions are making in my life. 



  • Unlimited bootcamp, barre and pilates classes
  • Weekly emails with a training or nutritional challenge to boost your results
  • Challenge tracking with goal setting, measurements and action 
  • Go For Fit Recipe Book and training manual
  • Facebook Group for daily support & motivation


Additionally EVERY CHALLENGER who attends at least 3 classes per week, every week, will receive a FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION!

10 Week Back on Track Challenge Only $54 per week

We're here to help you quickly and easily get back on track to feeling great again!

Your trainer & coach Anja Lineen, has over 15 years experience with local women needing to positively change their fitness, food choices, energy levels, strength, weight and more for the wellbeing of both body and mind. 

You don't have to "smash" yourself to feel the benefits - this challenge is about finding fitness and a community you enjoy, guided by the right trainer and we promise the feel-good factor kicks in instantaneously! Your fitness and health focus will become a habit to serve you well beyond the 8 weeks.

By combining fun training sessions, friendship, nutrition and lifestyle support, we get you back on track to a happier and more balanced you!

Are you ready to get BACK ON TRACK?

Did you start the year with your health, fitness and happiness marked as one of your biggest priorities? Then isolation happened? You know you're going to make it a priority again why wait? In 10 weeks time you'll be where you want to be right now. With increased energy, a stronger body and the confidence you're missing now. It's the joy that comes from doing something good for you.

Don't wait until you're 100% ready for change.

The perfect time doesn't exist.


100% Money Back Guarantee

At Go For Fit I want you to be completely satisfied with the classes and support you receive throughout the challenge. I personally guarantee a change in your health and fitness if you join and attend the challenge (with a minimum of 3 classes per week)... I'm so sure of this that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the program, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email me to get the entire cost of the challenge refunded.

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