Pilates isn’t enough


I love Pilates. I teach on average 5 classes a week. I feel strong, flexible (ish) and mobile. My pelvic floor is pretty good too. But just doing Pilates not enough for long term health. OK, before you run away screaming, hear me out: Pilates is fantastic! Regular practice can help build an inner foundation…

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Pelvic floor safe exercise

A 10 step guide to pelvic floor safe exercise Simple, practical tips to modify an exercise program to be pelvic floor safe. 1.  Avoid heavy lifting   Keep your weights within a manageable range. Never lift heavy weights that make you strain or inclined to hold your breath.  If you have pelvic floor problems, you must keep your resistance…

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Get out of the gym!

Six reasons to get out of the gym OK, it’s May already, time to reassess the New Year’s resolutions you may have made. Hands up who had “lose weight”, “get fitter”, “tone”, “exercise more” on their list How are you going with your goal? On target?  Congratulations – keep going, your body, mind, mood and…

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