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Sugar makes you old!

Wow! you look amazing vs Are you ok? You look tired? Which would you prefer? Daft question I guess – nobody wants to look old before their time, in fact we’d probably all prefer the “Wow, you don’t look old enough to…” type of comments. Most of us know the usual suspects in the ageing…

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Get pumping!

Do you shy away from the weights room at the gym? Ever wondered how to use the odd looking equipment in the park? Or maybe you’ve noticed a growing trend in women lifting weights in the gym or doing body weight training out in the park. Whatever your level of knowledge or experience, it’s important…

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Wake up sleepy head

Always tired? No energy? Could one of these be the reason? You’re buzzed Keep the phone, iPad etc out of the bedroom.  Researchers in Sweden have found that using a mobile phone an hour before bed may interfere with sleep patterns and lead to less time in the deeper sleep stages. You’re dehydrated Dehydration reduces…

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