Yes, you CAN

Whether you think you can,

or you think you can’t,

You’re right


You’ve probably heard that before (cue eye rolling from my children as I say it yet again), but what does it mean?


if you BELIEVE you can do something, then you will achieve it

if you BELIEVE you can’t, you will fail

The key word? (clue, it’s in big letters)


Our thoughts become our reality

This may sound a bit new-agey and out there but think of it this way:

A child who is always told they are dumb and useless, will eventually stop attempting new things, thereby fulfilling that belief that they can’t do x,y or z.

Take that same child and tell them:

  • keep trying
  • you’re so close, let’s try it another way
  • that’s a great idea, but how about we look at it this way

and they will learn to persist and achieve.


We still need to work towards our goals, but if you start a new project thinking:

  • “this is going to be tough, I don’t think I can do it”

you will probably stop at the first hurdle thinking “there you go, I was right.  I can’t do this”


Change that to:

  • “this is going to be tough, so I’m going to break it down step by step to make it manageable”

you’ll have a far great chance of success with a positive outlook.  That first hurdle will become a stepping stone to learn from, adjust and move onto the next step.


Take a minute to think about all the people in your life.  There will be those who always have a ready smile no matter what they are going through.  Then there are those who always look a little down in the mouth.
Who are you more attracted to?
I’m guessing the smiley, outgoing, positive person.
That same person will be the one who seems to have “all the luck”.
There are two reasons for this:
  • they attract positive things by their own positive attitude (remember, they are more appealing)
  • they see everything in a positive way.  Even failure becomes a learning opportunity rather than a full stop

SO, here are a few thoughts you can start with:

  • today’s going to be a GREAT day
  • I’m so glad I have ….. in my life
  • I’m choosing to cut out (sugar, alcohol… etc) (rather than, I’m not allowed)
  • I CAN

It’s never too late to start something new, you just need to believe in yourself!