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Lift yourself powerful

Running, cycling, swimming etc are our major fat-burner workouts! Right? Wrong! Resistance training; aka lifting weights; body weight work; strength work; pumping iron etc is the key to a strong, supple body. Other benefits include: Bone density better muscle tone (less jiggle, more power) increased metabolism (think slimmer, weight control) fantastic posture (walk taller) better…

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Get pumping!

Do you shy away from the weights room at the gym? Ever wondered how to use the odd looking equipment in the park? Or maybe you’ve noticed a growing trend in women lifting weights in the gym or doing body weight training out in the park. Whatever your level of knowledge or experience, it’s important…

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Pelvic floor – what, where and how to help

Pelvic floor What? Where? I hear you say. Isolate! How? You cry! You’ve probably heard the terms pelvic floor weakness, stress incontinence, strengthening etc but maybe you aren’t too sure what they mean and more importantly, how they can change your life. Your pelvic floor, (for men and women), plays an incredibly important role in…

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