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Lift yourself powerful

Running, cycling, swimming etc are our major fat-burner workouts! Right? Wrong! Resistance training; aka lifting weights; body weight work; strength work; pumping iron etc is the key to a strong, supple body. Other benefits include: Bone density better muscle tone (less jiggle, more power) increased metabolism (think slimmer, weight control) fantastic posture (walk taller) better…

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Metabolism and weight loss

Metabolism is the process of your body converting the food you eat to the energy you need for every day activities and exercise. The metabolic process takes the calories from the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you eat, combines them with oxygen to release energy.Β  This energy allows your body to function. Daily energy expenditure…

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Health-wise snacking

My top 10 healthy snacks When you’re looking for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, you should be aiming for about 300 kJ or 100 cal. Snack packs are tasty, convenient, and portioned for calorie counters, but often have added sugars and salt and questionable nutritional value. Give these treats a try instead – here are…

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