Think yourself successful

– Mind over matter

– Glass half full (or half empty)

– You can do anything you put your mind to

– Brainwashed

– If you think you can,

or  you think you can’t

you’re right (Henry Ford)

just start!

Stop and think about these statements for a minute – do they sound familiar?

If you’ve grown up speaking English, you’ve probably heard some if not all and I know they exist in other languages too (I grew up with “Kann nicht, gibt’s nicht” from my father)

But, what do they mean?

Read them again…

… they all speak about our thoughts and mind and how success (or failure) is linked to what we believe.

Stop hiding and start doing

I can’t tell you the number of times I hear “oh, I couldn’t come at 6am, I’m not a morning person”

Well if you say that, you’re right – you won’t do it

Same goes for

  • I can’t loose weight (or I loose it and put it straight back on)
  • I can’t find a better job
  • I can’t win/improve

It’s a type of paralysis script we tell ourselves to lower our expectations and give us an excuse to say “see, I said I couldn’t” when we do try.

BUT I believe you CAN

There’s a big IF

YOU have to BELIEVE it.  

Really, truly, deep down BELIEVE it

I grew up in Africa where tribal people were known to die or at least get sick, if the tribal witch doctor told them they would.

If you tell child he/she is slow/can’t read/needs help, they will eventually believe that and will lack confidence to try because they are brainwashed to believe they can’t.

Tell that same child they CAN (even if they have to try 10 times), they will be positively brainwashed to have the confidence to try.

We tell our children to have a go and believe in themselves so why not apply the same to our own lives?

If you really want to achieve something or make a change in your life, you will.

  • Identify your negative thought(s)
  • Acknowledge them for what they are (a mean girl on your shoulder)
  • Put aside those doubts (you can literally tell yourself to ignore them)
  • Rewrite your thoughts
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you
  • and just go and DO IT

It takes practice but constant affirmation leads to reinforcement

Things might not change overnight

BUT, they will change

Make a conscious decision to be positive

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