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Barre - the non-gym workout that helps you look and feel GREAT



Hate the gym but love working out to great tunes?

Then Barre classes are just the thing for you.

If you love a fun, challenging workout come along to this high energy class.

Barre gives you:

  • a high intensity, heart pumping workout
  • low impact (ie kind on knees and back)
  • dance moves (without too much coordination needed!)
  • GREAT results

All this for just $1 for your first class!

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What my clients say:

I LOVE this Barre class. It’s great to exercise to music and it is high intensity but low impact, so I always walk away with muscles that know they’ve worked hard, but no aches or pains. It feels like it is sculpting all of the parts I want to work on too, legs, bum, tum and arms. 

- Shelly

This is the first exercise I've done in years and stuck to.  I LOVE it 

  • Nici

I love feeling strong!

  • Roxy

You will:

  • have more energy to help get you through your day
  • lose weight** so you can fit into your clothes
  • re-shape your body to feel more confident

* * weight loss comes in conjunction with healthy moderate eating

Barre classes tone all those key places we love to hate:

  • legs
  • butts
  • thighs
  • core

This low impact, high intensity workout combines Pilates, dance moves and cardio intervals and is suited for all fitness levels and abilities.  With a focus on posture and form, this workout is great for pelvic floor conditioning too.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a dancer to take part.  Believe me, I have two left feet and I LOVE Barre!








All classes 45 min

Book early to secure your place.  Limited to 18 per class.


Classes are be held at Artarmon on Cleg Street (inside the Duck and Dive swim school building near the Lamb Road intersection)

  • Plenty of parking on site for early mornings and evenings
  • Brand new studio
  • On site shower facilities for you early birds going to work

First class $1

Register and get your first class for $1 (new clients only!)