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Your Trainer –

Anja Lineen, West Pymble, NSW

I am one of those strange people that loves to exercise (but I do have days where I need to push myself to do it too).

It empowers me.  I love feeling strong and healthy and going for a run is the best stress relief for me.

I get that not everyone feels the way I do and my aim therefore is to make it as much fun and as varied as possible for my members.

I love nothing better than hearing someone tell me that their back no longer hurts or that they are sleeping better.

I believe that fitness is an integral component of general health, improved sense of wellbeing, confidence and energy levels. Exercise is fantastic for stress relief, focusing the mind and getting away from the everyday.

The fact is that you need to move your body everyday to maintain your health and a healthy weight.  If you wait until you feel like exercising, it probably won’t happen.  Sport and exercise need to be scheduled into your daily routine the same as brushing your teeth.  You just need to do it.

As the mother of three, I understand the demands on your time and the challenges involved in finding time to exercise.  I strongly believe that this time taken to look after yourself brings not only health and fitness benefits, but is also a necessary “time out” for you to regenerate mentally and physically.  You will also provide a good role model for your children.

Qualifications & Association Memberships



  • Certificate III and IV in fitness
  • Pilates instructor (Studio Pilates, physiotherapist developed program)
  • BarreAttack instructor
  • Punchfit Trainer
  • Certificate in nutrition for weight management


Did you know that the fitness industry is highly regulated?


Registration: anyone working as a personal trainer, should be registered with their state fitness association

Education: Certificates III and IV in fitness to gain registration

Ongoing training and education: registration is renewed every two years and based on gaining CECs (continuing education credits).  These are earned by attending training courses, conferences etc

First aid:  all trainers need to complete a senior first aid certificate every three years and CPR every year to maintain registration

*One free group session per new client.  See the FAQ page for pricing details.