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What is Barre Attack?

Barre Attack is a low impact, high intensity workout combining the best standing Pilates work with short cardio intervals, to dance moves in a ballet class.

Come join in Barre Attack in Artarmon to experience exercise that nurtures, realigns and supports your body.

We understand that trying something new can be overwhelming. The first class can disappear in a blur! So we give you 2 FREE classes - where you can let your confidence grow and really get a feel for Barre Attack. 

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  • Tones
  • Lengthens
  • Strengthens
  • check
     A full body workout

Why Barre Attack?

It's for all fitness levels

Whilst Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of dance and pilates, its movements are easy to master for all levels. No dance experience required!

The classes incorporate the use of the barre, balls and resistance bands to give an all over body workout that's also gentle on joints.

Short burst cardio

Don't be fooled by the dance and pilates combo! With short bursts of cardio, you'll enjoy a high intensity class that provides an efficient and effective workout.

Pilates and fitness provides an all over body workout with special attention for the legs, butt, thighs and arms.

Mind Body Balance

With Barre’s flowing sequences you will feel your body be re-aligned, balanced and centered.

Best of all you will feel more connected to your body, giving you a sense of self and confidence which can be only be ignited through the joy of movement.

If you love a fun, challenging workout come along to this high energy class. Barre Attack gives you:

  • a short burst high intensity, heart pumping workout
  • low impact exercise (it's kind on knees and your back)
  • dance moves (without too much coordination needed!)
  • GREAT results

What our Barre Attack Members say...

I LOVE this Barre class. It’s great to exercise to music and it is high intensity but low impact, so I always walk away with muscles that know they’ve worked hard, but no aches or pains. It feels like it is sculpting all of the parts I want to work on too, legs, bum, tum and arms.

Shelly - Barre Attack member

I fee a million dollars this morning, although sore! I had the best night's sleep I've had in months. My mental health thanks you!

Barre Attack member

It's good to be back at Barre! My shoulders are already moving more freely and I could get undressed today without wincing. Yay for to the desk slump!

Barre Attack member

The studio

Classes are held in ​Gordon at St John's Church, St John's Avenue

  • Plenty of parking on site for early mornings and evenings

Our studio space is bright and fresh, with a barre to accommodate up to 15 people. There's no need to bring any equipment as balls and bands are also provided. Simply wear normal gym or workout attire, bare feet or grippy socks, and bring a towel and waterbottle.

In just 45 mins you will work hard, tone and lengthen your muscles, working towards a sleeker dancers physique.

Class times

Ignite your body before the days hectic pace takes hold, with classes at:

6am Tuesday and Thursday

Or unwind from your day by stretching out and refocusing your mind with classes at:

5.45pm Tuesday ​

Start your weekend right with a Barre Attack class at:

7am Saturday

Book early to secure your place.  Limited to 18 per class.

About Go For Fit

At Go For Fit, I’m here to support the health of our community.

Whether it's Group Fitness classes, Pilates or Barre, I focus on helping you to achieve your goals.

I believe passionately in the benefits of exercise, not only on your body, but also your mind.

You don't have to "smash" yourself to feel the benefits - just find something you enjoy and the feel-good factor kicks in instantaneously.

Anja Lineen
Owner of Go For Fit

Book a Barre Attack class and start transforming your fitness.

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