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When we reach 40 and we're running around trying to keep everyone else healthy and fit, we just want 7 days stress free. Here it is...on us! With our ready-to-use grocery list, meal planner, & clean food recipes (with cheat night included!) it's designed for women like us. Valued at $99, it's FREE for you now!

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It's on your to-do list each Monday morning....get your food sorted, clean out the pantry, start looking after yourself. Let's make it easy! I've done all of the hard work for you so you can hit the supermarket with a ready made grocery list, follow the meal planner and be guided through a 7 day Re-Set that will set you up for a great year of health!

Start today and make a change for the better.  Here's what the 7 Day Eat Well, Move Better Re-set will give you...

A 7 Day Program to help your body cleanse & re-set

For 7 days I'll guide you to eating fresh, clean wholefoods, without needing to reinvent your diet and lifestyle.

We all know that change can be challenging and our program is designed to keep it simple. Small changes can make a huge how you feel and your health.

Over 7 days I'll walk you through your re-set with:

  • Clean fresh food. Easy nutrition without having to scour the health food stores, we'll tell you what to buy and how to prepare it.
  • Daily exercise plans. These are designed for the over 40 woman, so that you feel confident and can pace yourself. This is achievable exercise designed by a personal trainer for at home workouts.
  • Mindset strategies. To keep you focused on your goals to get the most out of your re-set.

Get practical tools to reach your goals

What can you achieve in 7 days? This re-set is designed to help you make easy changes, clean your diet, get moving and develop a mindset that supports that.

Heard it all before? Know what you need to be doing but just keep getting stuck? That's where these practical tools will give you to easy step by step program that IS ACHIEVABLE for 7 days. It's just 7 days and you CAN do it! After that? I'll help you there too!

The tools you'll get in the 7 Day Re-Set are:


Download 1 - Grocery List 

Take the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping. Just head to the supermarket with the grocery list in hand and you're covered for 7 days. No further shopping (or thinking!) required. Your fridge & pantry will be full of delicious, clean & healthy wholefoods.


Download 2 - Meal Plans 

We all struggle with what to eat each day...decisions! For 7 days I'll take care of it for you. They're simple but delicious meals, planned out for a balanced daily diet. 


Download 3 - Recipes 

This download will give you some of the easiest but healthiest recipes for you to enjoy over the 7 Day Program and beyond. Clean, nutritious and deceptively simple, they'll become your go-to's when old habits knock at the door.

Anja Lineen

The 7 Day Re-set with Anja Lineen

"As a mum of 3 and founder of Go For Fit and Rock That Frock, I know how challenging it is to find time to focus on consistently eat well, exercise and juggle so many priorities. Of my many programs, the 7 Day Re-set is always popular as sometimes just a small step is the perfect step to finding that balance and success. I hope you join me on that step with 7 days of guidance to eating well, exercising easily and setting up your best year yet."

Anja Lineen

How the program works:

  • You'll receive emails prior to the commencement of the program to help you with getting prepared
  • Including an email with the download links for the practical Re-set tools
  • Daily emails guiding you through the program and trouble-shooting
  • Follow up and support throughout to ensure lasting benefits

This is normally valued at $99 but for aa limited time it's FREE! Get Anja's best recipes, workouts and tips for women over 40 now.

Get the 7 Day Eat Well, Move Better Re-set Now

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