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I believe passionately in the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise, but don’t just take it from me:

What's in it for me?

Benefits of training with Go for Fit:

  • more ENERGY
  • increased FITNESS
  • FUN
  • stress release
  • better immune system
  • improved posture
  • weight loss

My offer to you

  • fun fitness classes
  • a supportive, encouraging environment
  • motivation
  • weight loss guidance
  • toning
  • social connection

What my clients say:

After training with Anja for just a few months my energy levels have increased dramatically.  I have 3 young kids & I used to be exhausted by midday each day.  I’d have to have a sleep just so I could make it through to dinner time.  Now I no longer need that midday nap, and I’m also sleeping better at night.  I feel more energetic and I can walk up hills without sweating, puffing…..or feeling like I am climbing Mt Everest.

- Penny

I am transformed in terms of personal fitness and self-belief.

- Andrea

It’s not just being fitter that feels so good, its the amazing self confidence and sense of amazement that comes from overcoming – no, obliterating – a personal boundary. 

- Andrea

Good boxing session this morning. We love words in our house and I’ve had fun writing something for you. 

Happy Friyay!  - CF:


Anja-d, to be Anja-d

Pronunciation: /ˈan.yad/


 - To exercise strenuously while drawing bunnies, following rules written on coloured balls and generally having a laugh

 - To discover that your favourite pair of jeans (lost for ages in the back of your wardrobe) are now loose on you, even immediately after washing

Examples of use: I am completely Anja-d after this morning’s session 

Thank you thank you thank you!