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FIND time

Too busy to exercise? I get it, you’re working full time, you have a family that needs you 24/7, the house needs cleaning as it looks like a bombs gone off and you’re up to your ears in washing. How on earth can you fit in exercise when you have (what feels like) no time?…

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Lift yourself powerful

Running, cycling, swimming etc are our major fat-burner workouts! Right? Wrong! Resistance training; aka lifting weights; body weight work; strength work; pumping iron etc is the key to a strong, supple body. Other benefits include: Bone density better muscle tone (less jiggle, more power) increased metabolism (think slimmer, weight control) fantastic posture (walk taller) better…

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in sickness and in health… or not?

So, the dreaded lurgy has caught up with you! Do you hit the gym to “sweat it out” or stay home? Read on to help you decide what to do next time a cold or flu hits you. A quick overview of the immune system: This is the hard working part of the body that…

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